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Originally Posted by montreal View Post
I think that's cause Ribs/Locke had to slow the play down due to their poor skating and lack of foot speed, they were able to do so and make it look easy (and I'm talking juniors only since it's not fair to compare them at their advanced stages of development) Espo seems to be a better skater with more speed without a doubt when compared to the others, but all 3 to me seem to have that ability to find the open and to get the puck to them. I personally don't think Espo is as good as Ribeiro was in juniors, but I'd have to leave that to others that saw them a lot more then me. I know Ribs is hated and all but what a producer he was in juniors. Then again it's a different QMJHL then when he play 9-10 years ago
I saw Ribs a bit when he was traded to Quebec for Maxime Ouellet. Like I said Ribs slowed the game down a lot and against tough competition that played an in your face kind of game ... like Acadie-Bathurst few years ago ... he couldn't get the job done. He got a lot of points in part because he played with great offensive players in Rouyn like Dagenais who helped Ribs create space and slowed the game down.

In that series against Bathurst, the Titans had acquired Jonathan Girard at the deadline and he completely shut down Ribs because Mike didn't skate well and couldn't get open. I know the point is not to say Ribs was a better prospect or not. It's just to compare the 2 a bit.

As we know in the AHL/NHL, the game gets tighter and faster. You have to create room for yourself and find the open guy and all that. To me Esposito's game translates really well to the NHL. He's not the kind of guy who puts his nose down and runs in every direction. Patrice Bergeron is one of those guys who sliped under the radar because his style fit better the AHL/NHL. Hard to imagine but we see this once in a while.

It might seem like an excuse, but Esposito has to play with good players. Yes he'll create his chances but he's much more dominant with a good weapon on the wing.

edited for Bathurst instead of Moncton ... I still had the rivalry with Moncton in mind hehe

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