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03-10-2014, 04:20 PM
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No, I did not want to bench Grossmann immediately. I don't know why you would make that assumption.

First, there was Mez, who was horrific defensively to the point where it disrupted the team badly in their own end. Gus should have played over him, because in his time in over Mez he and the team were better. I defended Grossmann for a couple months when others wanted him benched, saying he should have a reduced role first. But at this point, it's clear he's nothing but a weak link and the team would be better served with Gus playing. In his playing time Gus has earned a spot. There's literally nothing else he can do better on his end, and the team still jerks him around.

Honestly, with the way he's played, Grossmann SHOULD lose his spot on the team. He's been that bad for that long. When you're talking about a one-dimensional dman with minimal upside like Grossmann, there's zero reason to be as attached to him as you are. Let him try to get his game back on another team. It's not a huge loss. We aren't talking about a 29 year old Pronger or Timonen going through a slump...that's something you suffer through and hope it turns around, because their upside makes it worth it. Grossmann's upside does not justify hauling him out onto the ice game after game for 4 months to the detriment of the team. It's also easier to come to the conclusion that he is expendable thanks to the fact that we already have a superior player just sitting around, going through the Flyers' usual horribly inept version of Dman development.

You keep calling Gus an unknown quantity. He's not an unknown quantity now. He's played solid hockey every single time he's been given a chance to play for over two years now at all levels. He's pretty known at this point. Keeping Grossmann, who has sucked nearly the whole season, in the roster over him just because Grossmann was good once upon a time is flat out horrible roster management.

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