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Flex versus size

"My general recommendations are usually:

~ 5'6 = 65 flex (intermediate)
~ 5'9 = 75 flex
~ 6'0 = 85 flex
~ 6'3 = 100 flex"

I find that one manufactures flex rating differs from others. I thought it was supposed to be put a certain weight (100lb) on the stick supported between 2 objects (distance ??) and the stick should flex 1".

Well I am an older player once 5'6" now probably 5'4" and 130lbs. I have a very difficult time getting a stick that I can bend unless that is a junior and I have a good game with it although the shaft is small & taking a pass I find the blade will tend to bend and lose the puck. Also, most Jrs have a smaller blade although there are some out there with just about average size. Last year I did by an Intermediate 60 flex Bauer TotalOne and the cut it to my size, well, as you can imagine, I could not flex it. I then bought a 55 flex Warrior and tested the flex where I should be placing my hands on the shaft and this stick came to be excellent for flex at their 65 rating at the point of cut, but it was very heavy for my size. This year I decided to go with a Jr Bauer Nexus 1000, 47 flex, as it was so damn light and given the fact that it was a junior it should have lots of flex. I tested the flex on the floor at the LHS & it felt OK, I guess, but after I cut 2" I had a stick that I could not flex at all on the ice. It would be cut at 65 flex mark as well. There was no comparison with the 65 flex Warrior. This Bauer again was my mistake, but I figured a junior stick just had to work as I tried their intermediate have had other junior brands before that suited. Even the LHS employee agreed with me that it was unduly stiff when put up against other juniors. It is hard to find a Junior stick for someone my light weight and height. Also, finding one with a suitable sized blade.

I did find a stick that I am comfortable with, Junior Graf G55 Supra with a 40 flex although it feels identical to my other junior (not Bauer) 50 flex sticks when I cut 3.5" off (as I like it below my chin with skates on). There again is you can't rely on the flex rating.

So, with anybody with my weight and size it may be hard to find a suitable stick. I can almost assure you that a senior stick is not going to work, and the intermediates will be a challenge except for the low flex Int Warrior. The Intermediate Sherwood has a flex free portion of about 4" that can be cut before the flex alters at all, but will that work?.

You could order your perfect stick from BASE and get their flex, but what are their flexes equivalent too?

Good luck with a stick hunt. In order to get mine, I need the low flex to height ratio, fairly normal size blade and if I could only get the extreme lightness of the Bauer Nexus 1000 I would be 100% satisfied, the Graf is not bad, but 100g heavier than the Bauer Nexus.

I feel the suggested ratings above, when it comes to short stick is tough on light players and needs to be carefully considered when purchasing. I must have spent $600 on Bauer sticks only to find that they do not suit my build and flex ratings seem to mean nothing between manufactures, so beware!

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