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03-10-2014, 06:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Look, it's really simple. We don't need to go into in-depth theoretical situations about other players sucking. We don't need to do all this analysis, that's all deflection to avoid the main point, which I suspect you have no rebuttal for:

Grossmann has been bad. Gus has been good at every chance. Gus should be playing over Grossmann at this point.

It's that simple. Can you refute this simple reality without going into a bunch of convoluted what-if scenarios that aren't a factor on reality?
Once again, I'm not saying that Grossmann can't be benched. Go ahead and bench him. What I am saying is that if Gus does get in there, he's going to be on a short leash. That's really all I'm arguing about here (and have been from the beginning). I simply take issue with the way posters complain about patience around here with younger guys but don't seem to have the same patience with veterans (initially Mez, now Grossmann). I know, I know, they've been patient with Grossmann, which is why I said I am fine with him getting benched. But I am not fine with simply writing him off at this point because he's had a bad season and Gus has played well in 27 games. Throw Gus in there. If he plays well leave him in there. Deal Grossmann during the offseason if Gus finishes strong. At that point, I'd be sold on Gus. But I'm not sold based on what I've seen thus far, certainly not to the point where I'm going to just hand him the reigns.

Grossmann get's more of a shot than Gus. Veterans get more of a shot than guys with minimal NHL experience. Grossmann is given more of a chance to right the ship and would be given more of a chance to get back into the lineup should he be benched at some point.

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