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03-10-2014, 10:26 PM
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2A in a 4-2 win to jump our opponent and take 1st. Would have been 3A but we had one funny bounce that took me out of the running. I played D and was focused on their top guns most of the night, and I may have blocked more shots than our goalie ended up having to do One of their goals was accidentally put in by our other defensive line (woops), and the other was on them as well. Great top shelf shot through traffic, goalie was committed too low.

Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
I think I prefer the left side. I can see the breakouts developing and make better passes. It's also easier to chip the puck around the defender and pick it back up for a breakaway. As far as shooting, seems like I have more luck going stick side.

Something that seems to happen a couple times a game is me wide open on the weak side wing, literally nobody around me, and I'm SCREAMING for a pass from my defenseman. He spots me, waits a full second, and then sends a weak pass my way that has no chance in hell of reaching me before someone from the other team swoops in.

But I know that means I'm too far away. I REALLY need to work on skating back into the play instead of looking for that home run breakaway pass (note, I'm not flying the zone early, I'm at the point in our end while they are in the corner near the goal line).

You probably have seen that I play on teams of varying skill; I get that "great LATE pass" all the time on some of them. Drives me crazy. I get so open it's ridiculous, then by the time someone feels they're safe to give it to me, the right play is gone or may as well be. Drives me insane!

I usually prefer going left side as well, but my partners and I switch (both when I'm on D or wing, and as a Center I'm guilty of being all over the place if necessary). As you said it's easy to chip the puck ahead and pick it up, coming in hard for a quick shot stick-side. Though a couple games ago I did the same thing on the right side and was able to release incredibly quick shots from the bottom of the circle which both went in five-hole. I had to outrun their last defender on both of those plays, and one had me extending my top hand to chip it up 2-3 times in order to outskate the guy, blocking him out w/my shoulder. I think swapping here and there helps me a lot because I'm not forced to stick to a certain set of tools on the rush.

It seems everyone I play with prefers sticking to their shooting hand side no matter what

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