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02-20-2007, 07:33 AM
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In the PRo shop cooker the elements are much closer and much hotter and the heat gets to the skates very quickly. That is why there is a varied time depending on which make/model when done in the pro oven. In a normal house hold oven it will take that 13-15 minutes to get the heat into the skate at a safe 175 degrees. The glues and bindings of a skate can take temps of up to 250. I have done this for over 2 decades with no ill affects. Of course mine are goalie skates for the mast part. Also did with my Mission VSI2000 boots. remember that 175 degrees is the "WARM" setting on most household ovens. Bread bakes at a MUCH higher temp.

I do agree that people spent a large amount of coin on skates and if you have a shred of doubt..take it to a pro shop.

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