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Originally Posted by hyster110 View Post
heres i beer league frustration

i was playing a west edmonton mall a month ago (feb 12 i believe) and it was against a team that was known for being dirty. the last game we played against them, one player elbowed me in the head and knocked me out.

so in the second period, im skating back to the left of my goalie to grab a dumped in puck. the puck bounced off the boards funny and right to me (about 10 feet away from the boards) as i grabbed it i fired it up the boards. now i shoulder checked before i went for the puck and the guy chasing me was a couple strides back. so after i clear the puck i go to turn right and the jackass chasing me decides to run through me and catches me while i was turning on my right leg. so he hits me twists me knee and says "keep your head up next time"

so im grabbing my knee and the ref come over and the first thing he says is " i saw incidental contact, are you ok" so at this point im thinking BS but i need to get off the ice. so a teammate helps me off and go get changed. i went back to watch the rest of the game and after the ref that made the initial call, seeks me out as hes going off the ice. he came up and said "hows the knee" so i replied and told him "it f***ing hurts" and his reply "well i just wanted to make sure you know that it was incidental contact... blah blah" as soon as he said that to me i know he was full of ****, no official should have to seek you out after a game to try and justify a call like that.

making this whole situation worse, and why i believe the ref was covering his ass, was that the owner of the league plays for the team. the optics of that are AWFUL, not to mention the refs dont call anything against them.

so the result of this play is i have a torn lateral menuscis in my right knee and have been off work (without pay) for a month and counting. Thanks Edmonton Municipal Hockey League
Someone from the Admirals complaining about another team being chippy? Yikes..

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