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02-20-2007, 11:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Malice430 View Post
i wouldnt mind that. after my hockey games I sometimes stay and watch some of the pee-wee or bantam league games at my rink.
Ok, so you say you stay for those games with different variables added on like a real scout. So not only are you not playing joy hockey beforehand, you are just finishing a grueling three hour drive from watching an earlier game, where you watched a grinder with no skill and waited for him to get his 7.5 minutes of ice. During pre-game and warmups you are frantically trying to start/finish the report from the previous game. When the next game is over, you have to get someplace where you can enter the detailed scouting reports for your head scout within a ridiculous time limit. All this with having only hot dogs and pretzels in your system the past week.

Trust me, what makes you different than the thousands of scouts that do it? It becomes a mundane task, chore to do. But the love for the game is what keeps these guys from leaving the job outright, not enjoying their work. I'm sure if you had any idea of what scouting entails you'd be singing a different tune.

It's real easy never having done to it to come out and say, "well, I don't understand what their problem is?" "I love hockey, how could you not love scouting?" But the environment that is created becomes outright disgusting at times. Low pay, long hours, ridiculous demands. All things that wear the luster off of the game you really love.

Try to get into a good spot first. Start out easy, doing volunteer work on the side with no real commitment to a league/team. You'll see if you really want to commit to it. All the while you can have a good time with hockey still doing a few games here and there. Honestly, I feel the majority of scouts do it as a second job and a hobby.

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