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Originally Posted by Trl3789 View Post
Brings up an interesting question. I grew up playing baseball (right handed) so my left hand has always been my glove hand, but I also shoot right handed. If I was to transition to goalie, should I keep my glove consistent but have the stick the wrong handedness. Or should I keep the stick consistent and put the glove on my dominant, but less familiar to glove hand?
It is an interesting question indeed. Since I throw right handed despite being a lefty, this meant that a baseball/softball glove went on my left hand, but when I play in goal, I play glove right. It's awkward to stickhandle that way, though I finally resisted the temptation to hold the stick with my glove hand on top (since I shoot left when I skate out) and have gotten okay at at least making passes. Can't lift the puck off the ice though, forehand or backhand.

I tried it both ways at first basically, and stuck with playing glove right. Tried glove left at first, and whilst I was comfortable catching with my left hand, when I put the blocker on my right hand and tried to hold the goal stick that way, my head exploded. Ordered some used goalie gloves off eBay, liked playing that way, and never played glove left again.

I'm actually curious enough to start a goalie handedness poll, though I don't think it'll be as active, and it'll be more dominant in responses.

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