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03-11-2014, 09:41 PM
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Originally Posted by SERE 24 View Post
Agreed. This pretty much sums up my overall dislike towards him as well. He's like a lesser Ovechkin. At least Ovie scores constantly. Nash either scores or might as well not be dressed. And sometimes even when he scores it's in a blowout, either for or against us, and doesn't change the outcome.
OV is prone to stretches of "IDGAF", and slumps, and it's well documented.

But when someone hits him, or lights him up, or ANYTHING to provoke him, he lights himself on fire and makes an impact. Sometimes it's a penalty, sometimes its a dirty hit, SOMETIMES it's a goal. But he responds.

Rick Nash has no response. He has no push-back, no resiliancy. He's a glass cannon.

Originally Posted by Dactyl View Post
Nash isn't the worst forward on the ice at all. He's just invisible. He isn't hurting the team, he's just not helping us. MSL should be better than he has been, really hope he's just adjusting. I'm actually excited to see if AV keeps the MSL-Stepan-Nash line together. FWIW I think Richards is more consistently terrible than Nash.
See, to me, what you just described was Gaborik. He was the invisble man. He would go for games at a time without getting a stick on the puck.

I WISH Nash would go games without the puck on his stick, sometimes. Unless he's in Beast mode (Which I admit, he has), he's a walking turnover. You put the puck on his stick, and you're practically rolling the dice. Either he turns it over, he shoots into shinpads, or he scores. He hasn't been scoring lately.

Nash played differently last year. I know this name is like beetlejuice around here, but I think playing for Torts was a reason why. If he played for Tortorella the way he has for AV, he'd be in the pressbox until he was ready to fight for a spot.

Torts did ALOT wrong, but that accountability made a difference. Nash knew Gaborik had been benched. He knew he could be benched.

That's not there anymore.

And yeah, MSL has been disappointing. I'm concerned, and confused. I think it might be Richards, or it might be adjustment, or pressure. Either way, I was hoping that MSL lighting the world on fire would make me feel better about him replacing my favorite Ranger, and I'm still waiting. He'll have to be better for this team to even make the playoffs.

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