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02-05-2004, 12:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Habs
Wow. You sound like quite the fan.. and a real smart one. While using key words like "useless" "floater" "mediocore" and a phrase "no talent", you then go on to suggest we should trade Rivet while he is playing "decently".

If Rivet is such a pile of garbage, why would he have trade value? Contradict much? Are you the newest member to the bandwagon?
Well , you can question my "fanship" all you want but i have been a big fan since i am 5 years old and i will always be.The thing is that there is no need to love every players to be a fan.I don't like Rivet because that he is a defenseman with no personality , he is bad offensively , very rarely play physical(while he is supposed to be a phys Dman) and is decent to not very good defensively depending of the game and he cost us waaayyy too much for what he contribute to the team.I'm not the kind of guy who will boo him when i'm going to the Bell center you know , i just don't like his playing , especially when we have a guy like Komisarek who is just waiting for permanent spot on the roster and who will contribute a lot more than Rivet on a long term period.As for contradicting myself , well not really because i seriously doubt that a GM would be interested in a -15 Dman who cost 2.5M U.S.If there is a time to trade him , it's while he play decently , while there are more and more scouts traveling in the arenas of the league due to the trade deadline who is coming soon and especially when is +/- stats are not looking too bad.

On the Dagenais case , i already stated in another thread that is doing his job right now but other than to score goals , what is he doing ??? When he don't score , he is completely invisible on the ice.He don't play physical , he don't carry the puck , he is bad defensively and he have no intensity.He is definitively a floater but as long as he is doing is job , which is to use his hard shot to score goal , he is ok.The thing is , don't expect us to go far in the playoffs with a guy like him on the 2nd line.

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