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03-12-2014, 09:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Byrddog View Post
Do I think he will be as big of a part of the turn around needed. That's to be seen. I am not ecstatic like most here for a guy scoring 20 goals. If that's the weather mark for offense success for the Preds in a few years it will be the Hamilton Preds and we will have minor league hockey in Nashville.
Plenty of guys have 1 good year and fall flat, but if Smith isn't part of the turnaround we, indeed, are in trouble. I'm more skeptical (but still hopeful) for Willy; I'm beginning to think some of this year was physical with the shoulders but also he needed a confidence boost and the challenge they threw at him giving him Leggy's minutes and responsibilities. (still don't like him on that PP unit, though)

FWIW - that 20 goals puts Smith on pace for 25; dunno about you, but I'd be pleased to have a guy around that can pot 25 consistently for a few years. We've had a few guys that did low 20s for several year runs, but nobody who put together a run of 25 except Arnott's 3 (and one before with Dallas). Even if it's just a reliable 22 - 23, that's as good as, actually better than, anyone (other than Arnie and 2 years of PK) we've EVER had.

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