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03-12-2014, 05:14 PM
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Originally Posted by nilan30 View Post
I hope like crazy this happens. I live an hours outside of town and would probably come for 5-7 games a year. But I agree, Thunder Bay only supports teams that win. The ThunderHawks/Senators/Thunder Cats were one of the best and toughest CHL/UHL teams for a while but once that changed attendance dwindled. Same could be said for the Flyers and USHL was a good brand of hockey. Once they became a lousy team the support dried right up. In baseball the Whiskey Jacks were a very hot ticket initially but that didn't last long and the Border Cats draw 300-400 fans a night.

The exception to the rule is Lakehead University athletics who draw well and not just for hockey. I think it has to do a lot with cheap tickets for students and a lack of other things for them to do on a Friday or Saturday night. I used to go to Thunderwolves hockey fairly regularly when I was a student there but I have no desire to go watch that hockey anymore with a million little kids running around screaming and not paying any attention to the game. (Maybe I'll go if my kids want to haha)

In short, I hope this happens and I can see it being wildly successful at first but fizzling out in about 6 years.
AHL is different. Watching the pipeline to the NHL is way more exciting than simply watching "good hockey". The fact that people are willing to spend on CIS hockey would suggest that people in Thunder Bay are starved. Personally, I won't go to a Thunderwolves game but I'll be in line to buy Season Tickets to our AHL team.


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