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03-12-2014, 07:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Ron View Post
I agree with the first part of your sentence because it's just too strange to see a players name and number from the past on a jersey that wasn't in his era...but keep in mind that the second part is doable since the current players all wear legends unis; IMO that makes it legit.
Only if it is a Reebok jersey worn on Legends Night. People with Kopitar on an '86 gold jersey look like idiots. Any current player on a Chevy logo jersey looks dumb as well, unless Brown was on the team for Gretzky's retirment ceremony night since they wore the white Chevy's for that game.

If you want an old jersey with a name on it, well, educate yourself on players from the past and take the plunge. If you like the new jerseys and want one with a name on it, pick someone who has actually worn that jersey.

I've got a gold Baumgartner jersey but I was not watching him drop the gloves in the gold sweaters. The place where I buy my jerseys has the 80s road sweaters now and I'm looking in to a Wells or a Kennedy. I primarily know of these guys from my fight tapes and from reading stories. I just think it is lame to put a player's name on a sweater they never wore.

Makes those who wear them look uneducated on the history of the franchise.

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