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Originally Posted by Ron View Post
If we do indeed incorporate the forum blue as our third next season, then coupling that with at least 3 legends nights you are probably looking at around 12 to 15 games played in throwback sweaters. That is a significant number and would probably render your argument a moot point.

I don't think fans who wear throwbacks with current players on them are uneducated. Keep in mind the jerseys are not cheap. I believe most have been around a while, at least enough to know when players played in the history of the team. They probably just have a preference as to the uni itself.

What makes me cringe is seeing a fan in an obvious knock-off jersey. When I see those folks I just want to slap them. When I see someone in a knock off my mind just screams "cheap!"
Agree to disagree then on your first paragraph. The "forum blue" jerseys they wear now are specific to the present: I do not consider them to be the "old" jerseys because they are not the old jerseys but rather a current rendition with the same color scheme.

Have no problem with anyone wearing current players on the current Legend Night jerseys since they actually do wear them. I'm a little anal regarding this stuff so I wouldn't get a Pearson one if he hasn't actually worn one in a game yet, but I understand that may be pushing it.

I know the jerseys aren't cheap; it's actually a big reason why I find them to look like idiots when the names are on jerseys that particular player never wore. While it doesn't automatically denote a lack of knowledge about the Kings, those that I see at Staples with jerseys such as these are generally younger (Young 20s and below) so I've gone ahead and made the conclusion. I've seen Kopitar jerseys available online in both the Chevy logo and 80s sweaters. I have no doubt they are purchased because the buyer prefers that sweater and/or thinks it looks cool, but I also have a strong feeling that they don't know much about the players that actually wore those jerseys.

I'm a ****ing elitist. No big deal

Of course, as I said in my first post, it's just my personal opinion.

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