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02-05-2004, 09:01 AM
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Well,what can one say? Someone want to tell me that the Rangers did not play horrible, fine. But to me, there were sooooo many glaring mistakes, from players playing to coaches coaching. Let's run down some things here, shall we?
1. Why even have any of Lundmark, Ortmeyer, or Murray in the lineup? Ortmeyer played a whooping 3 minutes, Garth 2.5, and Jaime 5. Is this anyway to develop your young players? What the eff' did Hlavac do to deserve his 2nd line ice time? Has Messier really been that good? At this point, if the only reason that these young guys are in the lineup is becuase of injuries, then why not call up those who have NO SHOT to play in the NHL and let them play nonexistent few minutes on the 4th line? Let the young guys get playing time in Hartford instead of rotting on the bench. Rotting up at MSG is jsut retarding any growth that they may have. And, personally, I thought that Lundmark was one of the better forwards during the Buffalo debacle. What has he done to deserve this treatment?
2. Let me get this straight. Garth Murray takes a penalty and the Wild score. So Sather removes him from the game. Nedved takes a penalty and the Wild score. Nedved goes back out. Then Nedved takes ANOTHER penalty, and just keeps going out there shift after shift. This is the one the biggest reasons that Sather is such a fraud. He shows ACCOUNTABILITY when it comes to the likes of Garth Murray but conviently overlooks it when it comes to anyone who cannot be sent to Hartford. What an absolute joke.
3. Another dreadfull game for Dunham. At this point, is it fair to say that he is a part of the problem and not the solution? Probably not. Your goalie should not need to stand on his head EVERY night to get a win.
4. Special teams is such a reflection on coaching. And, boy, does it show. Another dreadfull not-so-special teams night. The PK is abysmal and the PP continues to be a travesty.
5. Caught some of Jackass's comments after the game. He tried to spin it so that the losses are the fault of injuries, broken sticks, and Dunham. How about looking in the mirror, Jackass? You got outcoached AGAIN. You allow other teams to come into your own building and dictate to you how the game is to be played. Lamaire schooled him again last night. After the first period, Lemaire got Gaborik away from Holik. Sather STILL has apparetnly not heard of changing on the fly. Jackass never adjusted. A$$h..., why did you sign Holik in the first place? Wasn't it to go against the other teams top lines?
6. Some of the people sitting around me last night, were commenting on the same thing we were. All of a sudden, JD goes from preaching the necessity of playing 4 lines, to saying that the Rangers are playing a "smart, 3 line game". Anyone else smell Sather in this?
7. Jackass was saying that the defense will get better after the break when Poti and Maladog come back. Huh? If anything, even this patchwork defense takes a step back when those 2 return.
8. At this point, blaming injuries is assinine. LAst year, even I said that the injuries made a difference. But this year? Come on. The team was out of the playoff picture when the injuries hit. And the fact that in his 4 years here, the best that Jackass could do is trade for Jaime Pushor to step in, is a direct inditement of him as a GM. In his 4 years here, NOT ONE player can step up to fill in on defense during injuries and, NOT ONE player is capable of playing on the top 2 lines instead of Hlavac? Or are there some and are just not given a shot? Can Lundmark, Murray, Wiseman, Ortmeyer really be worse than Hlavac?
9. This team could not win even one loose puck battle.
10. More of the same. It's the wrestling syndrome all over again. Who could not predict that they would loose. AFter the game, Brian Mullen was saying that the Rangers play down to the level of their opponents. Sorry, Brian, but one win against Vancouver does not erase the fact that the Rangers get treated fairly ruddely when playing against the better teams. And before saying that the Rangers play down to a teams level, let's review the facts. Aren't the Rangers one of the worst teams in the league themselves? Seems to me that they play to their own level.

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