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03-14-2014, 08:13 AM
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I tried calling Comcast last year to lower my bill. I wanted to get rid of all the movie channels, and the original person I spoke with said it would be no problem, and that it should save me some money. then they transferred me to a different person, and she told me if I removed the movie channels my bill would be higher because they would charge me ala carte, even though I am on the triple play package and there were different packaged tiers that I could choose that were less that did not have the movie channels.

another bone of contention I had with them was the 4 digit digital channels. my buddy lives in NE philly (grant & bustleton area) and for a while he was getting 4 digit channels all in HD, like all the extra HBO HD channels, all the extra Showtime HD channels, etc. not just the single HD and the several SD ones we get now. I must have called them 6 or 7 times asking when this would be made available in my area, and every time the person I spoke with had no idea that it was even available.

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