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02-21-2007, 12:21 AM
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Originally Posted by AdsSabresRule View Post
This whole Upshall thing with Philly fans is so humorous to me...We in Pred/Ads land have known this 'little guy' for the last four he goes away to another town, and they have no idea of this kid's history, whatever...I hope he does well for himself, and heck, no one here ever said he was not a good player, maybe a third/second line guy...but, believe me, the odds of him going south are much greater than him going to the All - Star game one day!
And - the whole Forsberg and Upshall in the same conversation is just ridiculous. The only issue I have with Foppa is his foot, and the never - ending quest to get him healthy, long - term. But, I think the deal was for THIS year, and THIS upcoming playoffs...Truth be told I was more upset that you got rid of Parent. I was on the track that Klein was the expendable prospect. In the local paper Claude has called out Klein for being 'too unselfish', and praised him the other night for ripping one past the Rampage netminder for the game - winner. I.E. Kevin needs to bring out the offense in him - now!
Must have pissed in your cornflakes... Gotta be

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