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03-14-2014, 03:37 PM
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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
It was an example of a game changer or a game changing play. How many guys in the league do this on a nightly basis? More than enough. Do we need to make a list?

I am so sick of the excuses or your answers are nebulous or he's a top 3 because he's in the top 90 in scoring or this or that. It's like the excuses the team makes on a continual basis. It's the excuses of injuries or Pekka being out or they were a higher seed or they were on a roll or whatever else we feel like coming up with. At the end of the day all we have is excuses.

Name me one freaking player that has played for this team in 15 years at the forward position that has been dominant for a season and has taken the team on his back to make plays or win games on his own or made others around him better on a nightly basis? It hasn't happened. Is the word dominant going to be too hard to understand for some? Elite? Would that do? Stud any better?

How about this, is there a guy that people have paid to see play the game for this team because they were that good? The biggest name in this town for years was Tootoo because of the checks he laid and the fights he got in to. That was the draw. No one ever said, hey, let's go to the Preds game tonight to go watch Legwand or Erat or Hornqvist or Fisher or Arnott or Dumont or Sullivan or Radulov or Hartnell. They were or still are good players but they are not main event status. They are not guys that you pay to see play the game.

I'm sure I've missed out on some other great cliche's or synonyms but I really don't care anymore. If you want to justify average or mediocrity, please feel free to go ahead and do just that. Some us expect more out of a pro franchise. Some of us want more than to just make it to the playoffs. Some of us want to spend money on an entertaining product on the ice.

BTW, JW, this wasn't directed at you for what it's worth, your post was just the straw that broke my back on this topic.
Glenn, you keep using subjective terms to describe other subjective terms after discounting the PPG career players (objective, measurable, quantifiable) that you made it quite clear you were not taking about. Not surprisingly, your Forsberg example uses one of those extremely rare players that averaged over a point per game for his career.

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