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03-14-2014, 05:01 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeyfreak7 View Post
Respectfully, there is no way to object to the presence of bias regarding our opinion of Crosby.

If the Flyers had won the 2005 lottery and drafted Crosby, try telling me you wouldn't be a huge fan. That is the very definition of bias.

I'm not saying you wouldn't hate Crosby if he were drafted by the Ducks that year instead. You probably would, and I'm not objecting to that. I'm just saying your impression of Crosby in this reality is inherently influenced by the fact that he's a Penguin. Your impression may be also influenced by other factors (eg, his antics), but it's simply disingenuous to say bias doesn't have any influence whatsoever. You hate him more than you would otherwise because he's a Penguin; there's absolutely nothing wrong with admitting that. It's part of being a fan. In fact, it's the best part about being a fan. It's what actually makes it enjoyable.
Maybe, maybe not. The reason I hate him is mostly because of the way he acts, being on the Penguins is overshadowed by how big of a baby he is. If he was traded from the Penguins today I would hate him exactly as much as I do now. Same thing with players like Neal, Marchand, Ott, ect.

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