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Originally Posted by hockeyfreak7 View Post
Respectfully, there is no way to object to the presence of bias regarding our opinion of Crosby.

If the Flyers had won the 2005 lottery and drafted Crosby, try telling me you wouldn't be a huge fan. That is the very definition of bias.

I'm not saying you wouldn't hate Crosby if he were drafted by the Ducks that year instead. You probably would, and I'm not objecting to that. I'm just saying your impression of Crosby in this reality is inherently influenced by the fact that he's a Penguin. Your impression may be also influenced by other factors (eg, his antics), but it's simply disingenuous to say bias doesn't have any influence whatsoever. You hate him more than you would otherwise because he's a Penguin; there's absolutely nothing wrong with admitting that. It's part of being a fan. In fact, it's the best part about being a fan. It's what actually makes it enjoyable.
Oh my god you're doing the whole Cristiano Ronaldo schpiel. There are a million reasons people hate the man, and isn't because he's not on my team, or because he's on a rival or anything. Your side that you're presenting has been debunked numerous times in just about every other sport. I personally hate him because he knows the rule book pretty well and skirts right on the fine line of EVERYTHING. He rides the line hard and the refs just let it go, where as if any one remembers 24/7 with the Flyers, Talbot was playing a game where he was doing everything borderline and the refs knew they couldn't call him for anything, so they skated over and told him they knew what he was doing and to calm down and quit the **** or they were going to call a bull **** penalty. They ultimately did and the ref told Talbot "Yeah you're right, that was a horrible call I just made, but I warned you I was going to get you". THAT never happens to Crosby. It happens to just about every other star player from Kane to Ovechkin, but never Crosby.

Hey, dude is skilled and love watching him play. He's on my fantasy team, so I do watch the Penguins a lot. The fact is he is everything I hate in a sports player. Much like how I dislike Ronaldo. On the Union I dislike Hoppenot, who is another guy who reads the rules meticulously and just skirts the line sooo ****ing hard just to draw red cards that it leaves you just shaking your head... It's pretty much all he knows how to do. I dislike players who play outside the spirit of the game, and Crosby is a huge violator in my opinion. Simmonds has been getting that way lately with how he crashes the net and stirs **** up, and it irks me just as much. It is like he researches how many punches he can get in on a guy before a ref calls a penalty. That isn't all. Crosby antics aren't hockey.

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