Thread: Post-Game Talk: Rangers @ Jets - 3/14/14
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03-15-2014, 01:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Todd Harvey View Post
been scarred for life? LOL those were awful teams and mismanagement was at an all-time high.
Hank was better off in Sweden.

And didnt someone fall on Stralman a few games back? I remember thinking it was very serious at the time; and it would have really hurt the team.

For what he's asked to do, Stralman has easily been one of the best & most consistent Rangers the past two years.
The guy cant have a rough game or two? Especially if he's dinged up. When's he supposed to have them?
Knocking Stralman is a joke.
I can't disagree with your thoughts on Stralman. On the flip side, the positive is that he's been good enough consistently that he's seemed to have earned himself high expectations from many people. Considering how he got to this point, that's a pretty nice accomplishment.

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