Thread: Speculation: Anaheim or San Josť?
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03-15-2014, 06:21 AM
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Canucks in 4... (That will never get old to me)

I'm somewhat confident, but respectfully nervous, about facing either team. Play-wise I prefer the way we match up with San Jose over Anaheim. Seems like they are more intimidated by us than the Ducks and our boys step up well against them. While I would definitely prefer somehow pulling off home ice, I'm confident the Kings could come up with a win on the road against the Sharks, and then grind out the series win.

I easily dislike the Ducks more so the idea of losing to them is more terrifying. Even more so because I grew up in Anaheim and live in Orange County. Also they've been so dominant this year (though that hasn't helped them much the last couple ). We haven't faced them since the trades so it will be nice to see how we match up against them tonight.

All in all and like I said in 2012 this Kings team has the potential to be dangerous once we get our foot in the door. The playoffs are our time to shine. I hope to see us come out and surprise some people. It's nice that somehow, even though our last two years consisted of a record making Cup win and Conf finals loss to the champs, we get to go into it this year as underdogs. Again. Like 2012.

Let's make some history again this year. GKG!

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