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02-05-2004, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by loveshack2
Not trying to be derogatory or anything but from an english viewpoint, maybe people wouldn't use the term "French Canadian" (instead of just "Canadian") if Quebec wasn't threatening to separate from the rest of Canada all the time.

I realize that the last referendum was almost 10 years ago now, but at that time only just under 50% of people living in Quebec voted to separate (that includes anglophones and first nations). Then there was the "distinct society" clause, and the whole Meech Lake fiasco, and on and on. It's tough for English Canada to think of the french speaking people of Quebec as simply "Canadians, just like you and me" when they always seem to want out, or to be declared distinct.

I realize that not all french speaking Quebecois feel this way, and I believe the numbers have gone down in more recent times, but when you see the number 50% and realize that those people want out of your country it can have a big impact on your attitudes and how you think of them as citizens of said country.
You make a good point, Loveshack, but the term "French Canadian" existed way, way before the referendums. Also, don't forget that 50 % voted "yes", but to a very ambiguous question. A clearer question would probably have given a different result. Finally, the Meech lake proposal was defeated in Nfld and Manitoba, not Québec.

I appreciate the fact that most canadians are respectful of other cultures and that we have had a reasoned exchange on the topic in this thread. That's very cool, and I'm not sure the tone would have been the same on all HF boards...

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