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02-05-2004, 02:54 PM
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Originally Posted by espion
I for one am sick of these dailey "Gauthier to Montreal" threads. There's a new one every day and nothing ever happens outside of the HF Boards world.

In this particular thread, the names I read are Gauthier and Conroy. The names out of Montreal are Perreault and "a defenceman".

Gainey wants players with a certain "character". Gauthier and Conroy fit that description. Gainey wants a "righty centre". Conroy fits that description. Sutter wants a "face-off specialist". Pereault fits that description. Also, Perreault is having a superior offensive season to Conroy. Of course Perreault for Conroy and Gauthier is a totally unbalanced proposal so a preety good D must be coming back Calgary's way... how about Hainsey?

So I deduce from everything I have been reading here: Conroy and Gauthier for Perreault and Hainsey.

From a Habs standpoint, I wouldn't do it. From a Flames standpoint, I don't care. You know why? Because all these Gauthier threads are a load of crap!
Conroy is a far superior player to Perreault and will not be dealt for that little. Same goes for Gauthier. Perreault has very little value outside of faceoff ability and some ability to add offence. His contract causes serious issues when it comes to dealing him. The only way the Habs land a Conroy/Gauthier package is if they give up something of considerable. Conroy is just too valuable to the Flames and Gauthier has been playing very well this season.

I agree with you though, enough with the Gauthier to whoever threads. This is worse than Morris and the others have been. If you are going to make a proposal, at least think before you do it. Perreault for Gauthier type offers aren't gonna happen.

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