Thread: Speculation: Justin Schultz's extension
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03-16-2014, 09:19 AM
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Originally Posted by blackwater View Post
seriously? a 22 yr old taylor hall who has scored over a point per game the past 100+ games isn't worth his money? guaranteed if the oilers had given him a bridge contract, by the time that contract was up he'd commanding between 7.5 to 8 mill a season. but as it sits they have him locked up until hes 27 years old i believe at 6 mil a year, which as it sits right now is market value for a player of his calibur. in 2-3 years from now that contract will be an absolute steal. it's amazing how clouded some people can become on individual players because of overall team suckage.

shultz at 3.5 a year for 4 years would be an acceptable deal i would think. i would possibly go up to 4 mil, but would not overly happy about doing so.
Yes, seriously... These young guys have a serious case of "I'm paid" going on right now, and as such, the effort level has dropped off. Hall too - sure he has points, but his game hasn't improved either.... Too much guaranteed cash too early for all these guys is the big problem... Overall team suckage as you put it is also a big factor, but these young guys have to shoulder the load and step up. They haven't. Why should they now?

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