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03-16-2014, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Lucy963 View Post
8 wins, 1 loss, 1.10 g.a.a., 957%, 2 so, 10ga on 233shots.. Appears as if he had plenty of time to meditate while rehabbing that injury of his.. Exciting stuff, love Kari but never know with his injury problems(not including his most recent). I hate to say it but Nieuwy may have made the right call passing on fowler, I know the scouting staff had him ranked at 3 as the next franchise player behind was it hall and seguin? I can't recall. Either way if we give the scouting staff credit for Campbell we can't blame nieuwendyk for Glennie.. It's not like the kid was from Cornell university. I think it was the right call.. He's developing at a good rate for a young goaltender.
Actually you easily can. It's already been reported the scouting staff wanted Kulikov, but Nieuwy wouldn't take a Russian. So, despite being an advocate for years that the scouting staff deserves credit and fallout for picks, I wouldn't have thought a rookie GM days on the job would pull such an idiotic move. Unfortunately that appears to be exactly what happened. It's the only reasonable explanation of drafting a kid the scouting department never once interviewed.

Also ... I understand where you were going with the Fowler comment, but you're likely in the minority. I'm with you though that Campbell wasn't a bad big, but more than anything I hope at some point we can just talk about Campbell on his merits alone without rehashing the defenders. Honestly ... pretty damn impressed this thread has been up since September without Fowler being mentioned. This can turn into an ugly debate here so I'll move on the more important point.

No ... Nieuwendyk gets no credit here either. He turned around and fired the guy responsible for the Campbell pick so he clearly wasn't on board with this.

A rookie GM with little scouting experience being so heavily involved with the scouting department is a huge red flag, and as much as I love and defended Niuewendyk, the more news that comes out about his tenure makes me realize he wasn't right for the job. I feel for him being handicapped by the banks most of his tenure, but he's not a Jim Nill or Les Jackson type scouting guru that should have his fingerprints over a draft. Even the absurd shotgun approach to drafting mostly one position was crazy. Honestly .. there's little doubt in my mind that Niuewy made the absurd call to draft the highest rated right shot at 8 (Glennie) rather than even allowing the staff to take the next player on their list after Kulikov. That's pure speculation on my part, but I think it's based on some reasonable assumptions considering Dallas' scouting staff who often investigates every single aspect of a prospects life never once spoke to Glennie. We'll never know where he was on their board, but the more I have considered it, the less I believe there's any chance he was ranked next after Kulikov.

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