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03-16-2014, 04:29 PM
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Originally Posted by No Fun Shogun View Post
Look, this conversation is much ado about nothing. 210's right. Fold means a franchise is entirely dead, like the Chicago Express. The team wasn't sold to another group or relocated to another market, it just closed shop entirely and no longer exists in any sort of form.

Relocation is a different thing even if the end result in the former market is still the same, i.e. no longer having a team.

What happened to the parent entity that formerly owned it is inconsequential. Them going belly up doesn't mean that the franchise is no more if they were sold and relocated.
That is not a true statement about the Express. The license went back to the league who then resold the license. The license still exists, the team does not and, as you state, the team folded.

Your definition means that no team EVER folds. The Oilers had no team using the license so I guess the Roadrunners folded. Or maybe they didn't. But the Texas Stars folded. The license they used to operate no longer exists. So the Texas Stars Temporary Licensed team folded.

What happened to the parent entity is exactly the point. The legal entity that operated the team folds and sells the asset. The asset (the license to operate an AHL team) exists but the team itself was folded and became a new entity and a new team.

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