Thread: Eklund: Sabres shopping top pick?
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03-16-2014, 04:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Selanne00008 View Post
I understand your point, but the sabres aren't just tanking by losing games. We've accumulated an unprecedented # of 1st rounders over a couple of years, and the vanek trade really is the key. It's another very high pick as well as buffalos. Whether it is this year or next we'll have most likely two top 5 picks in the same draft, on top of St. Louis possible 2 first rounders.

At some point you get sick of mediocrity and draft around 12th overall. I'd much rather trade away poms, vanek, miller, ott, Roy, Sekera, etc when you know that group is not going to take you to the promise land.
I absolutely don't disgree with any of that. The only thing I've disagreed with was someone saying it would be the dumbest thing in the world for Buffalo to trade away this pick. I'd absolutely explore options and see if someone would give an already established top line player for it.

Like you said, you have a ton of prospects and a ton of picks. Letting them come to a team with SOME established upper echelon players would let them become the best players they could.

Do you think Lucic, Marchand, Krug, Rask, etc would have developed like they did if there wasn't a Chara, a Bergeron, a Savard, etc on the team that they joined?

Remember back when Colorado broke in Drury and Hedjuk? I think they were both in the running for the Calder. Because the team had Sakic and Forsberg. Same with the way Detroit was always able to break in their young players.

When possible, and i fully unerstand it isn't always, THAT is how you build a team. Not amassing a bunch of teens and throwing them out there so you can suck for 2 years.

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