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Originally Posted by No Fun Shogun View Post
Valid points, but the problem is that you're making an argument that folding no longer happens, not that a number of the previously mentioned franchises that relocated folded instead. The first point is debatable, but the second is not. The IceCats were sold and became the Rivermen who were then sold and are now the Comets. That franchise has a direct lineage from Quebec to Springfield to Syracuse back to Springfield to Worcester to Peoria to Utica, even if they changed hands and names a number of times. Just as the lineage from the Kansas City Scouts to the Colorado Rockies to the New Jersey Devils is intact as is the case from the Philadelphia Athletics to the Kansas City Athletics to the Oakland Athletics. If you want to say that the old ownership groups (that didn't retain ownership of teams after said moves) folded, then that's one thing, but the franchises themselves did not.

Plus, if the status of a former parent owner is supposedly a critical point, as there are plenty of examples of teams remaining in a market after an old ownership went belly up, notably the Phoenix Coyotes and the Dallas Stars. These teams were sold, just as other teams mentioned were sold, but they managed to find local buyers. Other teams just found out of market buyers.
The teams folded. The Scouts changed owners and location. Folded old team.

Just because the license did not go away does not mean squat because the license NEVER goes away. So, therefore no team ever folds, whether or not there is any direct linkeage to a subsequent entity and team. Even when teams merge the license never went away.

To me. folding is simple - the old team and ownership group does not exist in the same location as before. If the team stays in the same location but ownership changes, no fold.

If team moves and ownership stays the same, I am more leaning towards folding but will go with relocated.

If both change, old team folded and new team born.

The IHL folded so the Chciago Wolves and the other teams that went to the AHL folded and were reborn with a different license. Do you consider those teams to have folded? They still exist with the same owners, same team names, but in a different league?

And the IHL didn't actually fold now did they because the rights to the league and the licenses still exist.

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