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03-16-2014, 11:19 PM
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That's nice and all, but you're presenting your opinion which just doesn't have a basis in reality now. The teams mentioned did not fold, as relocation does have a wholly different definition. You can disagree all you want, but that's not how any league, franchise, or major media outlet looks at the subject. Folding is simple... the franchise is kaput. Not with a different ownership, not in any different market, not even playing the game. The team's dead and buried and the only thing left of them is in the annals of the league's history or some nebulous license that may or may not be reactivated at some point down the line. That is not the case for a number of teams mentioned that still have direct lineages intact, even if they're nothing more than a footnote in an existing team's game program.

As for the IHL example, you'd almost make the claim that a merger or acquisition is more in line with reality. The Wolves, Griffins, Milwaukee Admirals, and others jumped ship from the dead league, so saying that they were folded and then reopened just doesn't sound right. Not to mention that the UHL later on just latched on to the IHL brand and trophies in an abortive attempt to stave off the inevitable before it too was gobbled up by a different league. There's a better analog between the IHL/AHL "merging" akin to the NHL absorbing the WHA back in the day, even if the end result in the higher level's example was a punitive stripping of rosters and even a forced renaming of a franchise (New England Whalers forcibly became the Hartford Whalers at the Bruins' insistence).

The argument you're making is that the definition of folding has become obsolete with the way that leagues claim to hold on to franchise rights, not that there's suddenly a broadening definition for what is folding to encompass things that have never been viewed as folding before. That is a talking point that is worthy of discussion and debate.


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