Thread: Speculation: Glen Sather ready to retire?
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03-17-2014, 08:57 AM
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Originally Posted by True Blue View Post
It's not true. He has placed the team in a win-now mode. All of his moves, cap space, prospects, draft picks be dammed, will be to WIN NOW. That means next year. Once that fails, and he has further destroyed the organization, only then will he retire. And leave a barren farm system and a team that will be in salary cap hell to his successor to clean up.

Lion or a Mouse.
If I had the Rangers payroll, I would win the Cup ever year.
And what was that line about success and winning Stanley Cups that he made, post Torts firing?
I don't buy that he's hanging them up after this season, because if he was, I seriously doubt the Rangers management would have let him OK a move like the MSL deal.

Like you said, I think this team is in "win now, cost be damned" mode. I'd expect at least one or two more years of Sather running the show and the team being loaded up with aging vets to try and make a run or two. Then Gorton takes over and rebuilds the team how he wants it. I have to think that he's been promised this job after Sather retires. Otherwise, I can't imagine why he's still around.

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