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Originally Posted by crazyh0rse View Post
Do you guys think its too early for a 9 year old to take 1 on 1 training with an ex-pro?

I'm considering doing this as the 9 year old is trying out for an Atom Development team in his 2nd year Atoms. He got cut trying out in his first year atoms and he's indicated that the Development team would be funner rather than playing in house another year.

I'm just wondering if its too early for 1 on 1 training and if it would be much more beneficial than just getting ice times practicing around?
No way is it to young. I mean especially such a simple thing as this. I think too many parents are worried about "forcing" their kids into sports. Your child obviously likes hockey, I think, so why not give him as many things as you can to help him love it more and be better. Every one wants to be better at the things they like...

which brings me to my next point. Not only is it great for him to get better at something but to learn life lessons like the value of hard work and training.

No one is saying to force upon your kids anything besides going to practice when you say you want to join a team or club.

Just make sure you sit down with him to explain why hes doing things. Kids normally will think training is boring but it can be fun so thats ur job to keep it fun.

When I have kids I want to introduce them to many things but of course I will introduce them to hockey first. Also I want them involved in gymnastics. I think athletics is very important and to learn those natural movements is vital as he grows older and older.

I read on a yahoo page once that a dad was asking how much is a normal amount to allow his kids to play hockey a week. He was scared that it would be bad because of what he saw with certain parents being absurd and having them in so many camps and programs. I mean you can clearly see many crazy dads out there and I understand his fear but its also nonsense.

There are many kids who naturally play hockey all day for hours at end. They love it and want to keep getting better. Its up to you to let him be free, and guide him. You can critique but know that yelling at someone for a poor athletic performance gets you no where

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