Thread: Speculation: Glen Sather ready to retire?
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03-17-2014, 02:07 PM
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Originally Posted by silverfish View Post
It's the HFNYR way. Bad moves - Sather. Good moves - Gorton.

It's just how it's been since Jeff was added to the mix. Fact is, unless otherwise stated, we'll never know how involved Gorton is with personnel moves. He should be held just as accountable as Sather as a member of the FO.

Well, maybe a little less than Sather since the buck stops with Glen. But fact is, Gorton is already in there, and here the Rangers are...
While this is true, I think there's a little more to it.

Gorton actually has huge success on his resume in the recent past, unlike Sather. He was the GM of the Bruins, granted only for a bit, but he made a lot of the moves that led to them being what they are today. Traded Raycroft for Rask, signed Chara, signed Savard (who was worth his contract until an unfortunate injury), was in charge of the draft that got Kessel, Lucic and Marchand.

Sather has a few good moves that haven't added up to a whole lot, and a lot of mistakes.

I can see why people are inclined to give Gorton the benefit of the doubt given the difference in their resumes as far as recent team building goes.

Also, I'm hesitant to say Gorton's already here and the Rangers aren't great, therefore Gorton isn't good, because, as you said, we have no idea what the power arrangement is. It's not impossible that he tells Sather what he thinks, and Sather says, "cool," then does whatever he was going to do anyway. He ultimately makes the decisions. I'm not sure I want to hold someone accountable for what their boss does.

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