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Originally Posted by xX Hot Fuss View Post
What things should "characters easily seen coming"?
Hark, there be spoilers....

1) Anakin starts having nightmares about Padme dying and hook, line, and sinker buys a Sith lord saying that they can save people from death without a second's hesitation without obviously connecting the two,
2) Anakin doesn't go ape**** insane upon hearing that, in spite of previously being promised that the Sith can save someone from dying that it's a technique that they've lost but might be able to recover,
2) None of the Jedi around Anakin can detect the emotional turmoil that he's obviously riddled with, something that's supposedly a no-no for Jedi, and from the acting was obvious to see even without using force techniques to scan his mind,
3) The Jedi use an obviously turmoiled Anakin to spy on Palpatine for them, despite the fact that he and the chancellor go way back and the loyalty the two had with each other,
4) Upon discovering that Palpatine is a Sith lord, Windu and only a handful of Jedi try to apprehend him despite the logical assumption that a Sith master would have been very powerful, dangerous, and would likely put up a fight,
5) Upon discovering that Palpatine is a Sith lord, they do what I said immediately above in private rather than trying to confront him in public, like in the Senate itself, aka a time when any display of force acumen on his part would make it obvious that Palpatine was a big, bad Sith to the entire galaxy,
6) Upon the discovery that Palpatine was a Sith lord and that Anakin was his new apprentice with visual evidence in the form of the holographic recording, Kenobi and Yoda don't immediately release said evidence to everybody possible, which would've completely undermined every reason for why Palpatine had supposedly killed the Jedi and established an empire,
7) Upon realizing that Palpatine and Anakin are no longer physically near each other, Kenobi and Yoda don't immediately team up and whack Palpatine together and then go after Anakin together after that had been accomplished, but instead they split up to kill them separate. This is particularly nonsensical, as they would've known that Anakin would be out of contact until Palpatine contacted him again, so they could easily have done the two in rapid fashion before Anakin was any the wiser (or, even if that couldn't be guaranteed, it at least would've allowed them to kill the galactic emperor mastermind and left them with just a single fugitive with no resources of his own), and
8) Upon the failure of their attempt to take out Palpatine, they immediately give up and go into hiding for two decades, rather than trying to rally the remaining Jedi (which they set the ground work for by issuing a stay away order at the Jedi Academy to try to make sure that stragglers didn't come back to Coruscant).

And that's just the tip of the iceberg, as I'm intentionally avoiding potential lapses in judgment that could've been explained away with an intentionally convoluted plot by Palpatine and/or the reaches of his dark powers clouding the minds and judgment of others.


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