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Originally Posted by Trance Kuja View Post
Wait, wait, wait. Don't they specifically choose Anakin because of his history with him? I thought that was the point.

Also, them going into hiding because of their defeat totally fits what Jedi are: space Samurai. But they didn't kill themselves because of their honor.
That's the reasoning, but it was also something they did despite being wary at any and all uncontrolled emotion by force users and one that Anakin was easily troubled with. Maybe that point can be explained away with the Jedi being desperate for information, but the other points still stand.

And I get the space samurai part, but they're also supposed to be the protectors of the galaxy and for a thousand generations (or years, depending on which line of Lucas dialogue you want to believe) did so largely by themselves in a mostly demilitarized Republic, but at the galaxy's most troubling time they just gave up after their order was crushed rather than trying literally anything to stop the Emperor prior to his power becoming entrenched galaxy-wide. That seemed character- and even theme-breaking to me.


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