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02-05-2004, 05:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Edge
funny how a guy makes a stupid comment and he is blacklisted, but a kid speeds and kills his friend and you're an {expletive} if you don't welcome him back with open arms.

What Beezer said was wrong, but the NHL has forgiven far worse things including addictions and actions that have resulted in the loss of life.

Just my two cents, which is usually two more cents than most people.
I disagree--it was far more than a simple stupid comment. Beezer was the coach and part owner of a Junior team. He was the main authority figure with these young players and to a large degree had a great deal of control over their futures. He didn't say what he said when he was drunk or exhausted or in the heat of the moment or whatever, he was meeting with another player when he said it, not once, but several times according to the news reports. And then he tried to explain it away by saying that's what was said around his family when he was growing up. How could he be an effective coach or leader or mentor to young players after that? How could he get minorities to trust him and believe that he was acting in their best interests, much less act as a role model for all young players?

Healey is completely different issue. I also have problems with the way many people have tried to explain it away.

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