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03-17-2014, 10:44 PM
Mr Positive
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The Avs are proof of just how strong parity is in this league. It gives me a lot of hope for our own team.

Just think of how good the team will be when Yakupov, Marincin, and Klefbom will be when they are better adjusted to the league. I think our team is now a good place for D to develop with the goalie tandem in net we have now.

Like my username, I am generally positive about these things though. I've been that way ever since the collapse actually. I hated what the team was before the rebuild. I loathed it actually. They were a hard-working, mediocre team hoping and praying that free agency would fix everything.

The rebuild has it's own pitfalls, but at least there is a path to success. If the Avs can do it, we can too.

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