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03-18-2014, 06:17 AM
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$3.6B in revenue is projected for this season. The players get half of that. Subtract $100,000,000 for player benefits. $1.7B goes to the players. Divide by 30 teams. $56,666,667 is the midpoint. Add 5%. $2,833,333. $59,500,000 is the adjusted midpoint. Add 15%. $8,925,000. $68,425,000 upper limit. $50,750,000 lower limit. The CBA has a new provision.

Preliminary HRR for the prior League Year multiplied by fifty (50) percent (the Applicable Percentage), minus [-] Projected Benefits), divided [/] by the number of Clubs then playing in the NHL (e.g., 30), shall equal [=] the Midpoint of the Payroll Range (which figure shall be considered the Midpoint only for purposes of calculating the Adjusted Midpoint; all references to the "Midpoint" thereafter shall mean the "Adjusted Midpoint"), which shall be adjusted upward by a factor of five (5) percent in each League Year (yielding the Adjusted Midpoint, which shall then become the Midpoint of the Payroll Range) unless or until either party to this Agreement proposes a different growth factor based on actual revenue experience and/or projections, in which case the parties shall discuss and agree upon a new factor. If a significant (i.e., $20 million or more) one- time increase or decrease to League-wide revenues (e.g., by reason of the addition or loss of a national television contract or the scheduled opening of one or more new arenas which is expected to result in a significant increase in League-wide revenues) is anticipated in the next League Year, the parties will endeavor to estimate the expected increase or decrease and incorporate that estimate into the above-stated formula for calculating the Adjusted Midpoint.
The NHL and NHLPA need to get together to figure out the TV money. Estimate how much to add.

$71M was the figure discussed in December. That includes an estimate of the TV money included.

The NHL said the cap could be off by $1M-$2M from the $71M based on the Canadian dollar.

The math of $3.6B doesn't come out to $71M.

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