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03-18-2014, 08:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post

Yeah, um, no. We desperately needed another C to go with Brule at the time, and we already had Rick Nash on the roster and Alex Picard in the minors. We had no need whatsoever for Phil Kessel.

Would he be nice to have now? Sure he would. But this isn't just revisionist history, it's poor quality revisionist history.

Again, even if it made sense at the time, wouldn't you rather have had the opportunity to pick Kessel?

Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post

Columbus has drafted higher than the Predators literally every year of our shared existence save two. Who's gotten the better players out of that again?

Higher isn't inherently better - it just offers more opportunities for hype.

First, you do realize that there are more teams in the NHL than Columbus and Nashville, right?

Every one of your arguments is some variation of "Well, Columbus did it worse, so...".

Yeah, great. Personally, I'd rather this franchise aim higher than the bar set by the Blue Jackets.

Second, I don't know if I can have a rational discussion with someone who honestly thinks that having a higher draft pick vs having a lower draft pick isn't better when it comes to the ability to acquire talent, it's just "hype".

Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post

You might be surprised.
I highly doubt that any professional athlete is going to be scarred for his career by dropping a game here or two in a season.

As if one game or two in this lost season is the fork in the road that will cause Seth Jones to either wash out of the league or find himself with a Norris 5 years from now.

I would think that our youngsters would benefit from playing with better talents that we could acquire with a top 5 pick vs the scrubs that are left at 9-10-11, etc.

And if that's really a huge concern - we're losing anyway. Send the kids to Milwaukee - they'll be shielded from the losing and we'll be in a better position to "earn" a better draft slot.

Being on crappy teams haven't seemed to hurt guys like Stamkos, Tavares ,Jeff Skinner, etc.

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