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First off I have to say this is a great thread, so much info (especially on cages)and view points. I will be starting the beginner program with Hockey North America, as I like how it's kind of like adult Tim's bit hockey. I did play up to first year peewee but that was about 30 years ago so I feel I have much to relearn. Anyways when it came to my gear I took a few factors into consideration. First was whom I would be playing with and against, 18 and over beginners. My experience with this age group has been as a martial arts instructor. What I've seen is there is a huge tendency to go "full out" to win, which lead to many injuries, so I expect to hacked/slashed/bumped accidentally on purpose. Next is the skill of myself and those around me. I expect to fall a lot from losing an edge and I expect the same from those around me, and so I expect to hit the ice a lot.

With these factors in mind I have gone with intermediate level gear for the added protection. So far I have bought:

Bauer Nexus Havok shoulders and pants. The Nexus Havok is an exclusive brand to Source for Sports and is equivalent to the Nexus 600 gear.

Bauer Supreme one. comp shins

What has not been mentioned is the use of neck guards or slash socks. My son has used the Bauer slash socks since he started playing when he was 7 as a goalie. I will be buying both for myself as accidents happen.

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