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03-18-2014, 01:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Frankie View Post
at 5965 per game, and lets take that number at face value even though we know the actual attendance is likely half that number, in a city of millions, where the parent leafs are a stone's throw away, [B]nobody cares about the ahl. no players . no players aspire to play in the ahl. the league isn't on hockey's national radar whatsoever[/B].

I was at the game in st.john's this past Friday. lots of empty seats. people trying to give away tickets free online, with no luck.
Really? Where on earth are you finding free IceCaps tickets my friend? I've been on all the sites around here and people are selling them. Not free, The ahl is different as well. Th average family cannot afford to go to Weds, Friday and Saturday night. Saturday the stadium was full, weds was about 90 percent.

That's why there national broadcasted, you're saying nobody cares about the AHL. Nobody cares about the parent teams pipeline and future. Personally, I'm starting to believe you just don't like Danny Williams.

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