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Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
Meh, we have to play Emery at some point the problem is that there is literally zero NHL goalie depth beyond Mason in the first place. Playing Emery may or may not turn out badly, but playing with fire isn't smart regardless of if you actually get burned or not. Except when I say playing with fire I don't mean having to start Emery. I just mean having pretty much nothing decent after Mason (it's basically Emery then Heeter then...Gustafsson in goalie gear?).

The first two were against the same team and it's a team the Flyers match up well against proven by our record versus them since 2012 or so and they were also injured beyond belief. Probably the most injured team I've seen this season. Not exactly a fair representation of our schedule.
You're right they were hurt but what were they supposed to do? Win, and it's exactly what they did do. People on these boards put so much value on a lose and we get nothing for a win around here. The team was hurt, they were on a losing streak, etc.. good teams will do what they need to do in those situations and that is win.

Let's not forget that even when they do not have a full healthy lineup they still had the two best players in the world on their team. Malkin and Crosby were shut down for the most part and the Flyers played pretty well defensively against them. I understand people's thinking they were hurt and it diminishes the value of a win, I just never look at it that way.

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