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Originally Posted by deanwormer View Post
I'm not sure how you can honestly say that. We were an expansion team, so we had our first 5 or so expansion growing years. Put down a foundation, added some key pieces, made POs but no wins, had Liarpold dismantling.

Rebuilt team, this time with parts we mostly grew ourselves and added more peripheral types to the mix. Made POs, won a little, had the melt-down in Phoenix, and blew up the group.

Now, we rebuilding again, and they look to have done pretty well with the D.

I've said more than once I think GMDP needs to be held accountable for the fiasco that took place and followed with the Phoenix mess and the signing process for The Captain and cryin' ryan. However, your point that they've proven they can't make progress doesn't seem to square with the events.

I agree with not being satisfied with the overall results but I think the argument to make is they can't keep it together long enough to make more progress; that's on GMDP.
How many times are you going to allow them to rebuild, and then watch it fall apart?

And progress is subjective. This is a league where more than 50% of the teams make the playoffs - it's harder to miss them than to make them. So other than our first time - I don't consider making the playoffs progress.

I consider that we had 2 really great teams in the past decade - and both teams ended with very disappointing playoff losses with poor playoff performances to teams that folks might consider inferior (considering the regular season records).

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