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Originally Posted by RaiderDoug View Post
Remember when we couldn't wait to watch our new high end offensive guy who was finally going to be a home-grown scoring threat. His name was Colin Wilson. A few years before that, our savior was going to be Alex Radulov.

We're always waiting for that next big time forward to come through the system. Unfortunately, he's always a couple of years away and never actually gets here.
...and Wilson seems to be rounding into shape, while Radulov turned out to be a headcase. Oh no! They missed on a prospect! (One who, to be fair, did have incredible offensive skills.) The horror! The calamity!

What magical GM are you going to summon who never misses on a prospect?

How many years has this been a problem?

13 of our 15 years?

How many more years will this be a problem?
It's always going to be a problem. The same way defense and goaltending is always going to be a problem. If it wasn't always a problem you wouldn't need a GM, and nobody would ever make trades. That's how this works.


You think that DP/Trotz are the only people who can possibly get us out of this mess?

But then don't you have to wonder under whose leadership did we get into this mess in the first place?
Not at all. I just don't look around the league and see many names of people I think would actually do a better job.

We've had 2 very good teams in the past.

They failed to win more than 1 game in the 2nd round. One didn't even make it there.

If we develop top line offensive prospects - which the track record doesn't support - what in the past 15 years makes you think this coaching staff can get them past the 2nd round if we get there?
Yeah, that's how this goes. Every year, TWENTY-NINE teams in the league flame out and fail. Every. Single. Year. This management team managed to build from an expansion team to a contender. When ownership said to blow it up so they could bail, this same management team turned things around quickly and rebuilt to contending status on the back of two Norris-caliber defenders and a top-three goaltender. It just so happened that one of those defenders decided to jump ship, and the goalie had a hip problem and then an infection. That led to a couple of down years. Some of the core got older.

Now that management team is rebuilding again. You see how this works? It's cyclical. The back end pieces are in place. Now they just need young, talented forwards to build the offense around. Oh, wait - they've been making trades to get some of those.

Name one thing you think another GM would be doing that Poile just refuses to do because of incompetence, nervousness, age, or whatever other liability you've assigned to him in your head. Because there's a reason he's one of the most respected GMs in the game, and it isn't because a bunch of fans know more about hockey and how to build a team.

Simmer down and be patient. If you want to get rid of him, fine. Just be prepared for more of the same once another GM gets here, because the path forward is pretty well laid out at this point.

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