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02-05-2004, 05:59 PM
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Barasso never lead his country to anything.

Ditto for Beezer who also didnt lead his team to a cup and has even more "average" stats.

The hall of fame is the HOCKEY hall of fame, not the NHL hall of fame. That is one thing that should be noted because you CAN'T throw things out it's for hockey in general not the NHL.

Richter also spent the fist half of his career playing in a much more offensive minded nhl.

even when the rangers were at the top of their game they were NEVER a defensive team. not in 94 when they won and not after. That should not be held against richter.

Richter wasn't at the top of his game late into his career?

funny but last i saw he looked pretty dang on top of things right before his retirement at the olympics.

Greatest ever is a term or title that might change over time but when you add it all up it makes a pretty amazing case.

the argument isnt even close if richter played for a better team but let's be honest he spent more than half of his career playing for average and below average teams.

Awards and numbers are all BS anyway. Hasek dominated the awards for the better part of 10 years and a goalie isnt gonna have good numbers if he never has the team around him.

Fact is richter was nominating for the vezina for a season that doesnt even rank amongst his best.

Cujo is more durable? cujo also has never lead his team in international competition has how many cups? and last i checked was bouncing between the minors and the nhl because no one wanted to touch him on waivers.

Richter also lost playing time by splitting it with another goalie who went onto win over 300 games, his name is beezer.

we're looking at goalie numbers now and its throwing out of whack what guys did in the 80's and into the 90's. for the same reason why not ever forward from this generation is gonna have 600 goals under his belt, not every goalie from the last generation is gonna have 2.25 gaa's.

He could have pulled a roy and left when the going got tough. he could have won a cup with another team and silenced people who dont get a bigger picture. he could have never challanged himself and stayed in a second rate city behind a defensive team but he didn't.

Barasso imo isnt even in consideration. he man must have the record for soft goals and goals at the worst possible time.

i've never seen so much flake for a guy who spent half his career on bad teams and STILL managed to win a cup, 300 games, a silver medal, and a world cup mvp.

you cant compare him to hasek, the guy isnt human. messier cant touch gretz scoring record but that doesnt NOT make him a hall of famer.

As for Belfour and Roy. They are great goalies, no doubt about it, but they were also opportunists. Roy left montreal right before the going was gonna get tough, who knows what his career numbers would have looked like if he stayed.

belfour also was an opportunist. he left chicago when the going go tough, he left san jose for the same reason. he left dallas when he knew the going was gonna get tough and if toronto even hints at a decline he will conviniently slip out the back door again.

as for vernon and barasso and beezer. they are great goalies who who dont have the international experience behind them which again CANNOT be thrown out because this is the HOCKEY hall of fame.

if richter doesnt have a world cup, international experience and a cup than it makes it much tougher to give gim a nod. but he does.

if ed giacomin is in, than richter has to be in. the hockey hall of fame is heavily offensive heavy {As is any hof which is why i think are all mostly laughable and pointless} and there are many goalies who deserve to be in who aren't, and they should be let in as should richter.

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