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03-18-2014, 04:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Newfy IceCapd View Post
Not sure about the ones you mentioned, but stay away from the easton Mako. My brother is the same build, a little taller. Same kinda shot and has snapped 5 off this year. Not a stick made for hard shooters
The original Mako, Mako II or both? I have a Mako II that's holding up fairly well, but I haven't used it a lot - probably only about a dozen beer league games.

My son is was using two RBZ Stage 2's, and snapped both of them two weeks apart. Any suggestions? He's a defencemen, 5'11, 160 lbs, and has an above average shot. Thinking about an NXG, or a APX2. Any thoughts? Need sooner rather than later, but he's got a couple pro stocks for the meantime. (AI.9's) Thanks!
The Warrior Covert sticks are worth a look - I have a Diablo that I really like and that evolved into the DT2 and then DT1ST. I've also demoed the Widow and Covert DT1. I liked them both, but some people had problems with the durability of the blades on the Widows and Diablo sticks. Warrior really worked to improve the blade durability for the covert sticks and now you can find the DT1 and DT2 sticks on clearance since the DT1LT and DT1ST were launched and are the latest models.

The dagger taper really provides a lot of pop - the DT1 and DT1LT sticks are true one piece sticks (as is the Widow). The DT2 and DT1ST sticks offer similar performance, but are high fused sticks that offer twist resistance for stronger players (as was the Diablo).

I've also heard/read good things about the Sherwood REKKER EK15. It's the lightest top of the line stick out there and is cheaper than the competition. I haven't used one myself, but some of the people that have and have posted on different forums have given positive feedback. They've said things like they were worried about the durability due to the weight, but they've held up and performed well.

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