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Originally Posted by drwpreds View Post
I don't disagree with some of the comments in your post. But the quoted part above are the kinds of comments that drive me crazy on this board.

If you are saying that all we ever have here is "mediocre" hockey then I strongly disagree with that. Since 2005, here are the wins and total points for the Predators: (full seasons only).

2005-06 49/106
2006-07 51/110
2007-08 41/91
2008-09 40/88
2009-10 47/100
2010-11 44/99
2011-12 48/104

Our average for those 7 years is 46 wins and 100 points.

You call that "mediocre"?? You think that is "not really good"??

Have we underachieved in the playoffs? Yes, absolutely- we had at least 2 teams that should have gone farther. But the playoffs are a total crapshoot and you have to be lucky and good. (And as painful as it was to have a 110 point team knocked out in the first round, people seem to forget that we lost to a 107 point team- it was pretty much a toss up series).

Yes, we are now in the 2nd year of a down cycle, no disputing that- but if you told me right now that starting next year we would have a 7 year run just like the 2005-2011 run we had, I would take it in a heartbeat and take my chances in the playoffs.

I want more playoff success as much as anyone. I understand that professional sports is all about winning championships, but regular season success also means something
I disagree that we've accomplished anything.

100 points is not the accomplishment it once was with the invention of the 3 point game. Usually anywhere between 9-11 teams score 100 points a year these days.

In 2009/10 - 11 teams reached 100 points. That's over 30% of the entire league!

This is still a league where over half the teams make the playoffs. So that's no great feat either.

We don't have a single division banner

Crowing about regular season success is like celebrating a participation trophy

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