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03-18-2014, 05:04 PM
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When we got Mike Richards he had just put up 66 points in an extremely offensive oriented system. I know everyone *****es when I bring up systems, but Mike Richards was NEVER going to produce at the rate he was in Philadelphia while on the Kings. Never. Ever.

Injuries have definitely had a way with his physical game, but to be honest, I don't mind. I'd rather him protect his body then go blind into corners zero ****s given. Especially given the fact that he's the shortest forward on this team.

And anyone actually believing he's created MORE of a burden for Kopitar is crazy. That's ****ing ridiculous.

A neat fact - the Kings are widely considered to be a team built for the playoffs. While in LA during the playoffs Mike Richards has put up - 7G/20A/27P in 35GP. Looks like rubbish to me...

Originally Posted by KingKopitar11 View Post
Okay let's use logic.

Our first line has generated a lot of scoring chances...

Richards line had done nothing. No one is blaming losses on Richards... He's just not doing jack to help the team win.

We are supposed to have two top lines creating chances, and all I see is Kopitars line creating chances, and then Richards line, doing nothing, especially Richards he's a top 6 forward getting paid top 6 money to set up his players. He's holding Carter back now. Stoll would be better with Carter now. I'mnot blaming the losses on Richards, but man, I'm watching Kopitar bust his ass, he's not scoring, but his line is getting chances. You have to be a total Homer not to notice that Richards creates no chances at all right now.

Trading Richards for someone who has more skill and is younger would help this team win. Because he's not helping at all.
Let's use this logic - where would the Los Angeles Kings be without Mike Richards' point production this season, which ranks third among all LA players. News flash, the Kings don't put up a lot of points. I'd crunch the numbers on what the NHL league average is for second line centers, but I've been really busy lately and don't want to. However, I'd bet that he is close to the average.

He'll probably finish the year close to 50 points which is not bad considering our top center will finish the year with close to 70 points. Last year, projected to 82 games, would have been his best year as a King. BIG SURPRISE that everyone on this team produced extremely well last season, especially Dustin Brown. The team as a whole hasn't produced much this year.

Jeff Carter should never be a center on this team. Ever. We don't have the wing depth to try that and he's put up awesome numbers while playing on Richards' wing (last season).

Mike Richards is not getting traded and anyone who believes it, seriously believes it, needs to pull their head out.

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