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Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
29 other teams in the NHL aren't trying to tank for top picks and then hoping that said pick is somehow Just Talented Enough that they can just hop in and magically save the day. Your assertion is completely absurd.
Absurd? How so?

That's how teams are built. They draft well, they get good players, they win.

I don't think we're "waiting on a savior" by hoping we get good players in the draft.

Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post

No, but given that the stated reasons for Fire Everybody have been repeated unchanged for almost seven years with only small changes to the dates, and the only truly significant setback this franchise has ever seen that came directly from the Preds FO was these past two offseasons with the Suter departure and poor free agency selection the next season, and that the rest of the franchise's existence has maintained a consistent record of performance that most teams around the League would be quite happy to have but which has led to a sizable portion of the fanbase being "spoiled by success", I do think that an immediate change is the wrong approach.
Don't necessarily disagree with this.

Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
And most of the rest of the time, they stagnate and/or don't progress at all, such that you've accomplished nothing.
Since the lockout, we had 3 straight 1st round losses, then no playoffs, 1st round loss, 2nd round loss, 2nd round loss, no playoffs, no playoffs.

That's looks pretty stagnant to me. Actually, it looks like we're trending in the wrong direction.

So, worst case scenario - we hire a dud of a coach and miss the playoffs. Which is what we're doing now.

Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
It looks like here you're saying that you're against the approach of "waiting for saviors", but you've also been advocating elsewhere for tanking for higher draft picks - which is the exact same damn thing, only with different names. It's a classic "the grass is greener on the other side" fallacy. "Well, we traded for them, therefore they must suck."
I want to have a team that's not always waiting for the next guy to come and save us. But that's where we are. That's the team Poile/Trotz have built. Over and over again.

The alternative is to hope that our grinders all of a sudden find enough offensive game to make us a playoff threat. Which is jsut not going to happen.

Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
Please indicate if you consider any of the following teams to similarly be dismal failures due to your standard:
  • Colorado
  • Minnesota
  • St. Louis
  • Washington
(I assume Florida, Calgary, Winnipeg, the Islanders, Toronto, and Columbus - oh, and, of course, Nashville - would go without saying. But, hey, "even the horrible Oilers can"...)
Fail to see the comparison. Minnesota does have a deep run in the playoffs.

St. Lou looks like is has a budding dynasty. If they don't get to a WCF in the next several years - yes, a dismal failure. Colorado looks like it has a similarly bright future.

I'm not adverse to rebuilding or lean years, as long as they lead to something better. I'm not convinced that there are better years ahead for the Preds.

I do think i'd be pretty pissed at the lack of playoff success if I was a Caps fan.

Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
As for my expected standards for a front office staff, here's a summation:
  • Consistently assembles rosters that can and do get the opportunity to compete for the championship; doesn't spend years upon years in the basement. Bonus if they can make occasional deep runs. (Check.)
  • Consistently drafts competitively, adding NHL players from nearly all rounds. Bonus if you can add a superstar or two. (Check and bonus check x3).
  • Consistently effective in trades, getting fair value back for players when they're moved, and keeps the roster and development system stocked. Bonus if you can pull off a blockbuster and get the upper hand. (Check.)
  • Consistently gets good deals in free agency, patching holes as needed and keeping the roster competitive. Bonus if a major free agency coup is brought in. (Historically, yes. This past offseason...)
1 - we never were a serious contender for a championship. Our best team got bounced in the 2nd round in 5 games. Our 2nd best team lost in the 1st to a lower seeded team in 5 games.

And we're in the basement for the second consecutive year.

2. We do draft well. But not that well, or we wouldn't be having this discussion.

3. For every good trade (Forsberg), there's a bad trade (Witt, Gaustad). Poile has been ok. And the jury is still out on Forsberg/Jarnkrok.

4. Lombardi? Stalberg/Cullen/Hendricks - well see how he can get out of this mess.

Very few of your standards actually pertain to what happens on the ice.

And if you're so satisfied with Poile's drafting, free agent acquisitions, and, and trades - isn't that an indictment of Trotz's coaching for failing to do anything with them?

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